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The Khamis Effect - by Austin Khamis

Every month I have my son read a new business book andbased on his report dictates his bonus for that month.

This month was on The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. JOB WELL DONE SON!


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Compound Effect

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 The Khamis Effect


            The Compound Effect is a very informative and educational book written about success and what it takes to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. There are absolutely zero tips or tricks you can use to become great, but there is only one formula or process that is centered at the core of this book (The Compound Effect). “The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices” (Hardy 9). Implying that there are several positive decisions you must make throughout your day to invite the Compound Effect into your life. “There is no magic bullet, secret formula, or quick fix” (Intro). Darren hardy explains in his intro that success does not happen overnight. It takes a series of positive choices that must be implemented in your life. This book really spoke to me in a way that your dreams are not just a vision that you see here and there. People in this world who “want” to drive a Mclaren, who “want” a million dollar home, who “want” a hot wife etc. will never have anything close to that… Those are the people just seeing what they dream of. This book explains that you must make your goals and aspirations a physical element in your world. Those people who “want” something will never have it, unless they physically make it a part of themselves and their daily routines. Darren Hardy explains “You don’t have to put in 1,000 percent more effort or work 1,000 percent more hours. Just 1/10 of 1 percent improvement each day” (Hardy 50). Meaning that your negative habits or routines do not need to flip on a dime. Use the “Compound Effect” where everyday you make mental notes and specific goal oriented decisions to further progress yourself toward your dreams. Take it day by day, but still have that physical achievement in the back of your head. Instead of listening to your favorite radio station on your commute to work, listen and study Grant Cardone. Instead of laying on the couch at night feeding your brain bullshit, pick up a book written by an expert in your field. It is the little negative decisions and choices that you make consistently over time that will destroy your potential. “I’ve met and worked with many great achievers, CEOs, and “superstars,” and I can tell you they all share one common trait - they all have good habits” (Hardy 57). The ultimate game changer in your life is going to come from your “habits.” Habits are defined as something you do on a daily basis without second thought. For instance; breathing, eating, putting on your seatbelt, taking a shower, etc… These are all habits that you and I have developed over a series of time. The key to becoming a successful “superstar” is to transform those “bad habits” into “good habits.” Instead of picking up that bag of chips, you grab a protein bar. Instead of listening to music, you dive into an audiobook. These are the daily interactions that must become a developed habit in order to be the monster of success that you dream of. “The key is staying aware. If you really want to maintain a good habit, make sure you pay attention to it at least once a day, and you’re far more likely to succeed” (Hardy 84). You have to be committed to yourself and to your success. This book explains how actions speak louder than words, in the sense that if you say you are eating healthy, yet your fingers have doritos on them, we are all believing the doritos. Your everyday actions and habits that are developed must all be pointed towards your goals. As Darren Hardy says, you have to make mental checklists of your developing good habits in order to fully commit them to memory. Another imperative process that you must force into your lives is “momentum.” To further explain, momentum is the impetus gained by a moving object. Relating momentum to myself is what’s going to catapult me to my dreams. Meaning that once you have the “Compound Effect”  and “Big MO” implemented in your life, you have to keep pushing forward. Once a merry go round gains speed, it is much easier to push the object faster. This directly relates to anything in your life. Your job could suck for now, but once you gain momentum for your actions and habits in the workplace it is much easier to keep it going and further push yourself. Consistency is another aspect of the compound effect that is imperative and must be followed. “Think of it like this: If you and I flew planes from Los Angeles to Manhattan, but you took off and landed in every state in between, while I flew straight through, even if you went five hundred miles per hour in the air and I only traveled at a rate of two hundred miles per hour, I’d still beat you by a big margin” (Hardy 113). Consistency is the conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. This is a huge concept of the Compound Effect that when understood and implemented can create an unstoppable success chain. Vision, Dedication, Habits, Hard Work, and Consistency are the fundamental tools of the Compound Effect. Follow this specific plan and you can achieve any goal you can dream of.



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