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Go For No Book Review

Go For The No by: Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

Book Review

By: Ricky Khamis

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The Book Go for No by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton expresses the success story of a man named Eric, and how he fixed his mindset and goals to become a successful salesman. Eric was an everyday salesman who skated by andGo For The No put off making his phone calls because he feared hearing the word "no". He would have one decent day then go celebrate and completely forget about his duties as a salesman and spend all of his cash.

In the beginning of the story he set a goal of x amount of yes answers for his sales calls. The fear he decided to believe in by being denied a sale was holding him back in becoming an amazing salesman. The story goes on and Eric has a conversation with his boss after a great sales day. Long story short his boss asks him why he stopped striving for sales after the many ones he closed. His fear of "no" in a sense was still holding him back from being an even greater salesman. Therefore he decided to change his goals and instead of striving for 5 yes calls, he would strive for 20 no calls.

He learned to put his fear aside and in return became the greatest salesman at his firm. There are several examples of people throughout history in this book that have failed many times but get right back up and sprint forward. As explained in the book, many people think that success is modled like this (Failure Success). When actually you have to struggle through all of the failures to become successful (You-------> Failure-------> Success).

The point of this story is that there is no such thing as FEAR. Fear is all in the mind, it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and will hold you back from your dreams. To be the best, you have to put aside your mental processes of how you interpret whatever it is that you are afraid of and go after your goals. This book has given me great insight and although being fiction, it was very informative. I highly recommend you read this book and apply it to your real estate lives.  




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