Ricky Khamis's Blog: What it Takes To Be Successful: 4. Patience


What it Takes To Be Successful: 4. Patience

In this next article on What it Takes to Be Successful we are going to talk about Patience, something I know many of us in this "Hot Pocket" world really lack.

Is patience needed for success? Of course it’s a crucial factor when it comes to success, because this requires you to get complete attention at all times when it comes to the goal, yet still don’t rush it to completion. Success is very hard to achieve sometimes, it might take some time to get your ideas or your business from the ground up, so don’t expect everything to run smoothly from the start.

This doesn’t mean that things like this are impossible though, all that’s needed is patience and a lot of resort, because things will go down the way you want eventually. Just remember that you are not alone, there are people near you that believe in what you do and your road, so it’s always a good idea to go towards them in order to achieve the success you need.

Some think that being passive is a good idea, but the reality is that this just isn’t a good idea at all. Being passive just shows the lack of involvement and that is definitely something you want to avoid. What you do want is to do something that will help your ideas/company grow, a thing that’s productive yet which will not impact your business in a bad way. Just sitting there and doing nothing isn’t the solution you are looking for, instead what you seek is redemption and a good set of ideals that will boost your success and work alongside what you already have.

While you wait, however, you will find numerous enemies that will try to hamper what you already have. Things such as procrastination and fear and tiresome and many times they will just be very bad for you. Sure, you do have to wait, but do that in a productive way, because otherwise you will have to face some severe consequences in the end, and that’s something you do want to avoid at all times.

Strategize while you wait for the results, and always try to think about the steps ahead. It’s imperative to always be one step forward in the future, because this is not only very helpful, at the same time it’s a necessity.

For many people, especially business owners for example, sitting and waiting in order for a product to be successful is not ok at all, but the reality is that such things need to be there, they need to happen so that you can get the best possible outcome. This requires wait and patience, but most of the time being patient is well worth it, as you will surely appreciate the outcome at all times.


So, with the help of patience, you are definitely going to reach the success you want, and while this might be hard to cope with, it will definitely be well worth doing so for sure!

The 5th and final article in this series is Positivity, coming to you next week... Stay Tuned for more on What it Takes to Be Successful.



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Comment balloon 1 commentRicky Khamis • May 05 2015 11:58AM


Very good tips about patience. We all need to have it and not just in business situations although it can be helpful when waiting on people to follow through or deals to close. Getting outwardly impatient can hinder and even ruin potential deal. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by Tanya Van Blake-Coleman, Improving the Quality of Your Life (Van Blake-Coleman Realty, St. Thomas/www.talk-to-Tanya.com) over 5 years ago