Ricky Khamis's Blog: What it takes to be Successful 3. Seriousness and Dedication


What it takes to be Successful 3. Seriousness and Dedication

In the 3rd part of the series of What it takes to be Successful we will discuss Seriousness and Dedication as something that is vitally important.  When I launch a new project I first decide how badly I want what the outcome to actually be and how it will impact my life and the life of those I love. 

What does it mean to be successful? It basically means that you are a person motivated to do literally anything, no matter the consequences, and always push the boundaries so that things come up your way in the end.

But in order to achieve that, one of the traits you do need to have are seriousness and dedication. Only a dedicated person can achieve the necessary results at all times, and track records for numerous millionaires have shown that.

Dedication is the best ingredient for success, but not many people have it. At first, you do feel dedicated Vision of Successfor the things you like, but as time passes you will see that the dedication might transform itself into feeling accustomed, and this is when things tend to get very different, because you don’t do it out of dedication any more, it becomes routine.

That’s why you need to find a way in order to be fully dedicated at all times and lose the issues that appear here. The best way you can do that is by seeing your ultimate goal, which in this case is being successful, and then racing towards it the best way you can, all with the main purpose of getting the desired outcome. Dedication takes a lot of time to instill in the body and mind of any person, but once it is there, nothing is impossible and everything can be achieved.

Remember, anything can be done by the human society and you can do that too, all you have to do is to be frank about what your powers and abilities are, what you like and what you can do to make the society a better place. If you manage to respond to these questions, you will find the ultimate dedication and this will lead to some amazing results in your life, not to mention a lot of success.

In order to be successful however, you also need to be very serious. People always want to do business with someone that respects his work and which puts a lot of pride and passion into everything he/she does. A serious person will always push the boundaries in order to get things done, no matter how hard it can be, but the integrity and word will always remain the same at all times.


As you can see, only with the help of seriousness and dedication can you actually manage to become a better person and a successful one, so it’s important to integrate these ideas into your life as fast as possible. Of course, this might not be easy, but nothing is in this life! It’s crucial to always be dedicated to what you do and maintain your integrity, because the results are soon to follow.



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