Ricky Khamis's Blog: June 2013 Updates, Incredible Articles and Tons More!


June 2013 Updates, Incredible Articles and Tons More!


Home Sales Continue to Climb

April was one of the best months for homes sales in recent history. Low inventory and a recovering economy are pushing housing prices up and there is no sign of anything slowing down soon. If you are in the market for a new home, this might provide the update you need to keep track of the trends.

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Brian Tracy Inspirational Article of the Month:

Start From Nothing and Become Financially Independent

Everyone has an excuse as to why they can't put aside money for their future every month. We also feel that it is impossible for us to gain wealth because of the financial position we are in. This month's article tells you how to get over the barriers in front of us and help ensure we retire rich and worry free.

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Interesting Articles and Photos of the Month:
This blood donor from Riviera Beach has given 100 gallons in 35 years

Turning personal tragedy into a way to help others, this Florida resident has hit an unprecedented milestone for the amount of blood donated. This 84 year old man shares his story and why it is so important to give back in this inspirational article.

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Tempura-battered tarantula on menu at California bug fest

If you have a hankering for some crunchy protein, you should consider attending the California bug fest. Ever wanted to try battered tarantula or scorpion? Find out how you can make that dream a reality in Hollywood.

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Woman Abandoned as Newborn Meets Rescuer 62 Years Later

While it may not be the same as meeting the birth mom she was separated from decades ago, Kira Derhgawen was able to locate the woman who saved her life as an infant when she was abandoned in a car. Watch the video of this heartfelt reunion and learn what is next for these two strong women.

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Trip to Mars would likely exceed radiation limits for astronauts

While a trip to Mars is on the wish list for NASA, recent finds may have presented more obstacles to overcome. The amount of radiation astronauts would be exposed to on a round trip will most likely exceed the limit set forth by an ethics panel. Find out what this could mean for future travel and why such limits are in place.

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Videos of the Month:

Woman Reunited with Missing Dog Buried In OK Tornado Rubble

If you haven't seen this video that has brought tears to the eyes of thousands of people, this is a must see. Watch as a tornado victim is reunited with her missing dog live on television. This video will pull at your heart strings and make you smile.

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Prancercise: A Fitness Workout

Have you caught on to the latest fitness craze? Originally created back in the 80's, modern technology has helped this workout inspired by horses become an internet sensation. With over 2 million views, you will get a laugh an may even be inspired to prance around a little.

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3 Board Games You've Been Playing All Wrong

Find out how to win several popular games or fast track games notorious for taking forever. From how to sink a Battleship to moving along a game of Monopoly, these tips will help make game play more enjoyable for all and give you an edge on the competition.

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Delicious Recipe of the Month:

Tomatillo Gazpacho

If you are looking for something different to bring to a backyard barbecue, this may be just the recipe for you. This tangy cold soup will provide a refreshing, healthy taste and have everyone asking where you got the recipe. It is up to you whether or not you will share your secret.

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Dumb Criminal Story of the Month:

Victim calls Attempted Kidnapper “Dumb Criminal”

Tip to all criminals: it is not a good idea to pose for a picture after attempting a crime. Read on to discover how this attempted kidnapper contributed to his capture, and exactly how his potential victim feels about his intelligence level.

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