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Me and the SkyRicky Khamis

Ricky Khamis was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Ricky served four years with the 82nd Airborne Division (Paratrooper Creed), stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina. During his tenure with Alpha Company 3-505th PIR he earned Soldier of the Month out of 15,000 Soldiers in all Infantry Divisions. Earned highest peace time award and several other awards including the Army Commendation Medal, and severalArmy Achievement Medals. He valiantly served as an AirborneInfantry Soldier carrying an M249 S.A.W with a total of 48 Jumps during his time with the 82nd.
He decided to return to his home state, start a family and a career in the business world. Ricky began his career in the mortgage industry in 1999.

Ricky Khamis quickly moved up the ranks and opened his own branch office under Great Southwest Mortgage. Because of his business savvy and true desire to help people he earned a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist designation. This proved instrumental to his success, at a time when some loan officers in the industry were approving loans with less discretion, Ricky was ensuring that his clientele were truly prepared for their new debt.
CMPS originators embrace the highest levels of integrityand possess a greater degree of financial knowledge and expertise related to tax and financial planning and real estate investment strategies. Therefore, as a CMPS professional he can better advise you when it comes to:

  • Your single largest debt - mortgage
  • Your single largest asset - real estate equity
  • Life Planning needs and goals - cash flow
He is married with 5 children, DeShawn his wife, is his best friend and love of his life. Seeing the two of them together showcases how a marriage should strive to be. Together they have 5 children; Jalen 17, Aryana 15, Austin 15, Drake 9 and Kaden 8. They are the Modern Family of today, hers mine and ours, sticking together to raise a strong loving family.  
As a Multi Million Dollar Producer Ricky has ranked among the top 10% of his loan officer peers throughout his career due to the unyielding desire to help families own a home, and successfully manage that obligation to build long term stability and wealth. He has managed and coached dozens of loan officers and support staff and continued to produce at the highest levels, earning a spot as Platinum Producer, an honor reserved for only a few in his previous company.

In addition to being a top producer, he is also Arizona'sonly Instructor for "The Value of Being Seen" which educates Arizona Real Estate Agents the true power of first page of Google Marketing.


Areas of Expertise


FHA Loan Limits in Arizona for Maricopa county currently sit at 356,250.00 the down payment requirement is 3.5% and the UFMIP (Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium) is 1.75% (on average). The monthly mortgage insurance is 1.25%. Arizona FHA Loans are great for first time home buyers, you can get a gift for the down payment and the seller can pay all your closing costs. Conventional Loan Limits are 417,000 above 417,000 you would be in Jumbo Mortgage territory.


 FHA, Conventional and Jumbo Mortgage Financing in Arizona

I am an expert with FHA, Conventional and Jumbo Mortgage Lending guidelines, which has been a benefit to my customers because I can usually get them a lower rate if the loan is submitted right. Having the ability to KNOW when we have a deal is very comforting to my Referral Partners, I read the guidelines constantly staying up to date on all the changes. The Things that you should expect when using an FHA, Conventional and Jumbo Mortgage to finance a home are:

  1. For an Arizona FHA Mortgage Your Debt to Income should be lower than 44%
  2. Your TOTAL Housing Debt should be less than 33%
  3. You have to have held the SAME type of job for the previous 2 years with an obvious probability of continued employment.
  4. Loan amount in Arizona can not exceed 346,250.00
  5. Loan amount in California can not exceed 729,000.00
  6. Down payment must be verifiable from an acceptable source. Acceptable sources:
    1. Savings
    2. Checking
    3. Gift from family
    4. Gift from Non-Profit
    5. Gift from Employer
  7. If married your spouses debt will be included in the total Debt to Income if they are not going on the loan.
  8. Credit score of 620 or better.
The best thing you can do for you and your family to to get pre-qualified by a Full Eagle lender. That mean we have the ability to underwrite, doc and fund your loan in house. If your credit situation is unique we have the ability to walk into the underwriter who will be approving your loan and get what is called a Credit Approval. That way you never put your escrow down payment at risk.

For a FULL Pre-Qualification go to www.approvingAZ.com and complete the loan application

Fha Loan Documentation:

  • Tax Returns are needed on all Fha Loans in California or Arizona for 2010 and 2011, if you have filed 2012 then replace withApp 2010 - Must have filed your tax returns, we will be ordering a Transcript of the filed returns to verify your 1040's. In the event you can not find your Tax Returns, you will need to go to the IRS Consumer Division and order a copy they will give them to you there.
  • W-2's for 2011 and 2012. Are needed for Fha Loans in California or Arizona
  • 2 Most recent bank statement, all pages all accounts for last 60 days to verify assets to close for Fha Mortgage
  • Investment accounts, 401k or IRA account statements, all pages most recent
  • Copy of Drivers License and SSN - If you do not have your SSN Card you will need to go down to Social Security and get a new one.
  • Year Make and Model of Vehicle with approx values
  • Contact for Verification of Employment - Need name and Fax Number
  • Contact Information for Landlord - Need name and fax number
  • Contact your insurance company and let then know about your purchase.
  • Budget Letter (Click Here Print, fill out, Sign and add to package)
  • Letter of Explanation regarding Inquires on your credit. If you have not added any new credit lines, then this will suffice: I have not opened any new credit lines, or added any other debt not listed on my credit report. SIGNED, DATED
  • Letter of Explanation regarding ANY derogatory credit explaining any late payments, collections etc. For bankruptcies discharged in the last 7 years, explain what happened to cause the BK and mention that you have taken care of the cause as to ensure it will not happen again. SIGNED, DATED
  • IF APPLICABLE - copy of Bankruptcy papers, with discharge - Copy of Divorce Decree - Copy of Child Support Order




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Ricky Khamis
NMLS 173141 | LO-0911814 | CA-DOC173141
Branch Manager | Corporate Office
Arizona and California CE Instructor

Email: Rick@amerifirst.us

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1550 E. McKellips Rd, Suite 117
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