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Property Blogging - HYPER Local Posting of Your Listings


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To Pre-Qualify for this KPH call Ricky Khamis, CMPS Senior Loan Officer with Amerifirst Financial and Founder of Team Growth. Ricky Khamis will provide the advice necessary for you to obtain financing.   The purchase of a  KPH  is the single largest investment that most people make. This investment is not just in this KPH, but also in the neighborhood around this home. Proximity to amenities such as good schools, shopping and recreational facilities all affect the value of this KPH. When moving into a new community it pays to research the area before selecting your perfect home. Keep in mind, it is not just the subdivision you are investing in, it is also the neighborhood in the region of the house. Like the majority of people you probably desire your  KPH  to be close to services such as golf courses, shopping, nightlife districts, etc. Find out what amenities the neighborhood has to offer around your ideal KPH.


 The benefits of living in this KPH are many, particularly if you like a warm, sunny climate; the sun shines here over ten months out of the year. There is no shortage of outdoor recreational opportunities around this KPH, either. Not only is this KPH surrounded by mountains and federally-protected wilderness areas, there are numerous green spaces within the metro area itself; five parks are connected by a network of biking and hiking trails.  If you are a golfer, you also have a wide choice of world-class greens to choose from; there are over thirty public and private golf clubs near this KPH, and an addition fifty in and around nearby areas. One of the great benefits of living in this KPH is often overlooked, which is the potential of solar power. With 300 days of sunshine each year, it is possible to have one’s electrical power needs completely met with solar panels on this KPH.

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 When you are considering a move, especially to this KPH where there are a lot of different areas with separate zip codes, talk to your realtor. Find out which zip codes near this KPH have lower crime rates, lower prices for insurance coverage, and which areas have more family orientated neighborhoods. You don't want to base your entire moving decision for this KPH on zip codes, but you will want to consider it so you don't end up with a horrible surprise when you get settled into your new place and realize crime rates are higher and your insurance rates are through the roof. Please consider having zip code questions ready for your realtor on this KPH.

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 This KPH has outstanding curricular programs, high student achievement, award winning teachers and programs, lots of opportunities for kids, accredited preschool programs, and much more with this KPH. We want our children to become caring responsible citizens who will contribute to our neighborhoods and community of this KPH. To achieve these goals, it is important for all students to develop positive school habits, including regular attendance, coming to school on time, completing class work and homework, following rules and procedures, and learning basic life skills, this goal can be attainable by living within this KPH. These are all important behaviors that contribute to your child becoming successful besides giving them the best opportunity by living in this KPH.

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 The high school years go by very quickly. Make sure your children make the best of it in this KPH. There are many wonderful events that happen during this time period some of which are a really big deal and some are not as important when you're in this KPH. You can do this by making sure that you give them the greatest chance to receive the best education, establish good friendships, and have a good yet responsible time living in this KPH. A high school diploma earned by your children when living in this KPH, is a vital first step toward economic success and self-sufficiency for your children. This KPH is a perfect fit if you’re looking for a great place for your children to go to high school.

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Ricky has ranked among the top 10% of his loan officer peers throughout his career due to the unyielding desire to help families own a home, and successfully manage that obligation to build long term stability and wealth. He has managed and coached dozens of loan officers and support staff and continued to produce at the highest levels, earning a spot as Platinum Producer, an honor reserved for only a few in his previous company.

In addition to his CMPS designation, which requires 40 hours of continuing education each year to stay in tune with the changes in federal and state law, taxation and financial planning, he is also Arizona's only Instructor for "The Value of Being Seen" which educates Arizona Real Estate Agents the true power of first page of Google Marketing.

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Ricky and staff: thank you again for everything you have done to promote our listings. We have enjoyed working with all of you. And your service on our clients is super star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ed & Tracy Oliva, The Oliva Team Arizona Agents (West USA Realty - Arizona) about 8 years ago

Nice template for listings promotions!

Posted by Markita Woods NMLS#196099, Queen of Mortgages - FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA (Fairway Independent Mortgage) about 8 years ago
That insight's just what I've been loonkig for. Thanks!
Posted by Sagar about 8 years ago
Posted by sadiectodia over 7 years ago
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