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Tips of the week - 2nd edition

Database Management

Highly important but often over looked simply because you do not know where to begin. According to NAR the average Realtor will show 22 people homes to get 1 sale, that is 4.6%!!  Well what happens to the other 21 people? 83.6% of them will close on a transaction in the next 12 months!  So the business is in the No's not the Yes's... The typical Database marketer if they send news letters, cards, holiday stuff etc. will capture 22% of those buyers but how do we make this a simple process?  Everyone LOVES to get Cards, especially ones that are hand written it shows compassion, empthay caring etc, it makes them feel like you really do care about them because you took them time to recognize them.

How do you simplify this process? If to do one sale you have to DRIVE 22 people around then you need five times that amount of people to acutally talk too to get them to drive around before you will sell a home.  IF you had the ability to send a card with the push of a button that was fully customized with your handwriting would you send more cards?  I guarantee you would, I am living proof.  My goal was to send 2 cards a day to my database, I ended up sending maybe 2 cards a year let alone a day.  Now I send about 30 a week and take me less than 30 seconds per card.  I have gotten more thank you for the card calls than I ever did when it was taking me a few minutes per card.

Here is how I personally work the Send Out Cards system.  When I receive a client call or a referral, after the call the first thing I do is upload them into the Database and send a card immeadiately thanking them and welcoming them to our office.  I then send a card to the Referral source thanking them for the business letting them know they will be well taken care of.  The system is on Auto Pilot from the point forward as I set it for every holiday, birthday, anniversary, kids birthdays etc.

How I would recommend a Realtor work the system is the second you get a client you add thier information into the database as I do periodically sending them cards.  These cards by the way are every bit as good as Hallmark but a lot less money...

Check out the system at http://approvingaz.com/send_out_cards and watch the video, you will really be doing yourself an injustice if you don't.. If you're already using the system I would like to hear that as well, maybe you're using it differently and somehting I haven't thought of

Until then,

Ricky Khamis, CMPS


Card Campaign Automator allows you to send a real card, with a stamp, in your own handwriting, in seconds - from any computer. Do you send as many cards, postcards, or brochures out as you should? I sure don't - it's just not very convienient. You can probably type faster than you write, and looking up addresses is a hassle.

And yet, the more high-tech our world gets, the more special a personal note is. The more computerized our world becomes, the better this system seperates you from everyone else. Why? Because they know to send mail and just don't make the time. Or they rely on bulk mail. Think about it - when is the last time you recieved a personal note, hand addressed? You invariably open them, simply because it's so rare.

Now imagine sending those in seconds - even multiple cards on a pre-set schedule, with a few mouse clicks! Include a picture, a gift card to places like Home Depot or Starbucks - or even a check. In seconds. You know you need this product, the question is, if you did more of the things you know you should do, would you make more money? We make it easy for you to deepen and build relationships.

Other people are using this system to promote their movies to FSBO's, Expired Listings, etc. - since you just type in the address and you're practically done.








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